In defence of bragging

in defence of bragging

It’s no secret that parenting is one of the most difficult jobs on the planet. From impossible hours to the inability to do anything right, it’s a mere wonder anyone chooses to do it. But we do choose to do it, because our little tyrants make it all worth it. So we share about the silly things they say and the amazing things they do because otherwise, what’s even the point?

The only problem is, you can’t share what your kid is doing without being subjected to eye rolls or in some cases, being accused of downright lying. Apparently it’s not acceptable to share the bright spots of parenting because then you’re a braggart. (It’s also important to note that if you complain that it’s difficult, you shouldn’t have become a parent. You can’t win.)

But here’s the thing: parenting is hard. Really, really hard. And yes, we should be able to complain about our kids without being accused of not loving them because we’re only human. But it’s equally important that we are able to share the things that we love about them because it’s those little things that get us through the day.

I’m not saying that there isn’t a time and place. Of course, bragging at school pickup to a parent whose child is struggling is pretty uncool. But at a play date with your close mom friends? On your own personal social media page? Why the heck not?

And what does it say about us as human beings that we can’t be happy for our friends’ children? Jane said her first word? Amazing! Timmy made the honour roll? He deserves it! Roger stopped pooping on the floor? You’re going places, Roger!

It’s not about the parents. It’s about the children. And if we can’t put our own egos aside, how are our kids supposed to do learn to do that?

All kids develop at different rates. They’re all equally unique. It has nothing to do with our parenting skills or styles; they do things in their own time. And whether a child is perceived to be “ahead” or “behind” or right smack on the line that says “average,” we should celebrate the amazing things they say and do. Because they’re all amazing.

And maybe parenting would be a little bit easier if we could all celebrate their amazing qualities together. After all, isn’t it relishing in the wins that makes the training worthwhile?

in defence of bragging

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