The Burden of Giftedness

The idea that giftedness is “not a burden” or deserving of resources is making the rounds again. It never really left but it’s loud right now. And it’s bullshit.⁣⁣Sure, giftedness…


Our Net Zero Home

When it came to choosing to build a net zero home, there were a lot of considerations that came into play. Location was one, as was affordability. I was also…


Loss And Life Lessons

In less than two weeks, we’ve had to say goodbye to both of our pets. My kid awes me in a lot of ways, but his coping mechanisms are a…


Our Super Cool Bidet Attachment

If you watched my Instagram stories last week, you saw that we have a new low-waste addition to our bathroom: a bidet attachment. I have been wanting one for years…


Inside Our Nature Backpack

It's no secret that I think it's important to take kids outside as much as possible, but I also know what a struggle it can be! Sometimes it's us, and sometimes it's them, but it's always nice to have a little incentive once you're out there to make the most of it, which is why I'm such a big fan of having a nature backpack that you can just grab and go.


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